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Success Factors for YOUR Coaching Experience

Anne Miner, C-Suite Coach & Mentor, has identified three critical factors that form the foundation for YOUR successful coaching experience.

Set yourself up for success!

#1. Mutual Trust

Both parties must trust each other, the relationship and the process. While it is standard practice to have your coach sign a confidentiality agreement, it is essential that you meet and make certain that you feel safe and secure with your coach.

You don't necessarily have to like your coach but you must feel confident that they will give you unvarnished feedback in an empathetic manner.

Establishing clear rules of engagement at the outset will help to ensure that you are successful in achieving your objectives. These rules will include not only how much notice is to be given when changing meeting times; they will also include how much authority you will grant your coach as well as the consequences should any of your commitments be unfulfilled within the time agreed.

#2. Defined Destination

Both parties must agree on a specific desired outcome or destination for the journey before you start. Clarity is essential.

Ideally, you will have a specific outcome in mind. This must be written down and it must include a definition of success. What will it look like? How will your life be different? And, how will success be measured?

#3. Your Commitment

Change takes time. Before engaging a Coach it is imperative that you acknowledge a need for change, that you want to make change and that you are committed to investing the time, energy and effort required to achieve change.

You can be sure that your coach is committed to guiding you along the path. Your own commitment is vital to YOUR success.


A CEO and Business Owner herself for more than 30 years, and certified in the Platinum Rule®, Anne has consulted to, coached and mentored leaders through a wide range of challenges, transitions and transformations. Recognized C-Suite Coach, Mentor and Trusted Adviser, Anne Miner works with C-level leaders and their direct reports.

Are you ready to get started?

There is no charge for the first conversation in which you and Anne will explore your aspirations and determine whether you are a good fit for each other. Take the first step today! Schedule a call with Anne Miner.

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